About School

HIRA PUBLIC SCHOOL, Cheppanam, Panangad, Kochi was established in 1999 under the Sangamam Educational Trust. This is a CBSE Senior Secondary School (Affiliation No: 930785). It is situated at a picturesque suburb of Ernakulam amidst the quiet splendor of nature in all its green glory. Nestled in an enchanting spot far from stress and strain of the city, the school and its surroundings offer perfect serenity for academic pursuits.

The school conducts classes from LKG to XII. The science, maths and computer labs, conference hall operational with the latest in the educational technology and the introduction of digitalized classrooms accelerate the teaching learning activities. Along with academics Hira gives due weightage and importance to specialization in areas of music, dance, dramatics, yoga, art, craft and karate. The numerous activities in an academic year provide ample opportunities for students to augment their lateral learning. Admission is open to all irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The school is excellently run by School Management Committee and staff committed to the task of moulding students into integrated personalities. We attempt to foster in them a realistic understanding and appreciation of the culture of India and all other countries and to develop a sense of parental respect, love, friendship and universal brotherhood. Since the school emphasizes the right priorities imbued with a healthy sense of values, our students are expected to have the courage and confidence to face the challenges of the world.

Message from School Manager

We are grooming children to move in the right path by fighting against drugs and keeping up moral values in life.

We guide them to be true citizen of India , by encouraging them to behave good at home, in school and in the society to lead our nation in future. Also we encourage them to be true citizen of India , leaders of our nation, dedicated and committed to society. Our dedicated teachers and staff are very keen in bringing up our children in the right path..

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Message from Principal

Hira Public School is excellently run by a School Management Committee and Staff committed to the task of moulding the students’ integrated personalities.

Our objective is to provide students with the opportunity to serve, to lead and to fulfill their potential in all spheres so that they can take their place and succeed in the modern world.

Our school is striving hard to make the best possible efforts to inculcate strong values combining with academics and extra-curricular activities in the children. We care for and appreciate each of our students as the unique individuals that they are, each with distinct talents, interests and needs and each with different learning styles.

We believe that each and every student has a gift to share with the world, and we work hard to unlock their highest potential. We have high expectations of our students, and we have high expectations of ourselves to help all Hira Public School students learn and grow into well-rounded citizens and critical thinkers.

We provide students the opportunities to realize their potential and explore the world. They are given the opportunity to take action to make this a better world.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge the extreme hard work of our management and dedicated staff by working round the clock to keep our scho0ol at the zenith of success.

Once again, welcome to Hira Public School and to our website.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further queries.

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Shajitha.Das.M.Sc, B.Ed

Legal Advisor

Sajan Varghese